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WWISCAA – A Community Action Agency Serving

Warren • Washington • Issaquena • Sharkey • Yazoo Counties


WWISCAA's mission is to mobilize resources and provide quality services that promote self-sufficiency, family values and community change.


WWISCAA has a forward-looking, dynamic vision for the region that it serves. Our vision is:

The Mississippi Delta is a thriving region with families who are safe, stable and economically self-sufficient; children who are healthy, enter school ready to learn and successfully graduate; parents who are concerned, supportive and involved with their children; and neighbors who know and care for each other. There is an adequate supply of good jobs and affordable housing. Public agencies, schools, businesses, churches and nonprofits work together to meet community needs. There is a high level of community awareness and engagement contributing to a better quality of life for everyone.

WWISCAA is a sustainable organization with stable, long-term discretionary funding, an engaged board, a viable staff, new programs to meet changing community needs, strong partnerships and high visibility and broad influence at the local, regional and national levels

Core Values

WWISCAA's core values are:

  • Sustainability — Being a stable organization that provides quality programs and services for the community. Professionalism — Being respectful and upholding high professional standards in serving the community.

  • Dedication -- Serving the community with commitment and compassion.

  • Integrity — Maintaining honest and trustworthy relationships with the community.

  • Accountability — Being reliable and responsible for our word and our actions. Loyalty — Being loyal to oneself, WWISCAA clients and the community.

Strategic Role (Niche)

WWISCAA is a community action agency with a legal mandate to provide human services to people in need and a social responsibility to play a strategic role in promoting community change. Our strategic role is to:

  • Help people to meet their basic needs and become more self-sufficient by providing quality programs and services.

  • Be a trendsetter in the region and state with high visibility, credibility and public support.

  • Form strong partnerships, network and leverage resources to advance our mission. Be a force for change and have broad community impact.


Warren-Washington-Issaquena-Sharkey Community Action Agency, known as WWISCAA, is a private non-profit organization established in 1972. The agency’s administrative office is located at 1538 Old Leland Road, Greenville, Mississippi. WWISCAA provides comprehensive human service programs in Warren, Washington, Issaquena, Sharkey and Yazoo counties. Other counties in which limited
services are provided include Bolivar, Coahoma, Humphreys, Panola, Quitman, Sunflower, Tallahatchie and Tunica Counties. The agency has fifty (50) years of experience in administering anti-poverty programs including: job training, home renovation, child care, adult day care, teenage pregnancy, homeless, after-school care, youth at risk, tutorial services, transportation, meals for the elderly and handicapped, energy assistance, family health care, outreach and referral, family counseling and case management. WWISCAA provides comprehensive services to the entire family through the case management approach. These programs are designed to foster family stability and promote self-sufficiency.

WWISCAA is governed by twelve (12) Board members. The Board is comprised of members with diversified backgrounds, such as in business, elected public officials, bankers, attorneys, and client representatives of low-income individuals and families in the area server. The Board of Directors establishes the agency’s policies and employs an Executive Director who is responsible for the day-to-day operations.

During the past three years, WWISCAA's main accomplishments were:

  • Continuing to provide services to low-income families during the COVID pandemic;

  • Serving thousands of needy families living in the service area;

  • Forming new partnerships and strengthening relationships with the communities that we serve; Playing a leadership role in the community action agency field; and Operating with financial integrity and keeping the public trust.

Idenity Statement
WWISCAA is Hiring!
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